Synacktiv is an IT security company, founded in 2012 by consultants with more than 13 years of experience in security consulting and auditing, with a real passion for IT security.

Our goal is to be the French reference in offensive security.

Synacktiv has the expertise and uses the latest tools and methodology to help its clients to evaluate and improve their IT security level. On demand, we can provide references of clients who are willing to be contacted to describe the projects which we have worked on.

Synacktiv works on projects both in France and around the world.

Synacktiv is one of the companies accredited by the ARJEL (French online games regulation agency).

Synacktiv has received the CESTI accreditation by ANSSI (French National Agency for Computer Security) since June 2016 for its proficiency in the following domains: intrusion detection, antivirus and protection against malicious code, firewall, secure data removal, security administration and supervision, authentication and access control, secure communications, secure messaging, secure storage.

Our values

We recruit the best technical experts and allow them to develop their IT security know-how. We are in a position to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

We are constantly improving our methodology and our tools to be even more effective and precise in our approach. We find innovative solutions as each client's problem is different.

We listen to our clients and do our utmost to focus on the points they consider the most critical. Our methodology is adapted to the specific needs of each client.

We are perfectly aware of our skills and our limits. We would never hesitate to recommend another service provider to our clients if we are not in a position to deal with their request.

The team

Synacktiv currently employs a team of 75 persons, including 70 security experts:
  - Renaud Feil, CEO / co-founder
  - Nicolas Collignon, CTO / co-founder
  - Vincent Thielemans
  - Élodie Ruiz
  - Julie Couffin
  - Renaud Dubourguais, penetration testing team coordinator
  - Eloi Benoist-Vanderbeken, reverse engineering team coordinator
  - Martin Balc'h, software development coordinator
  - Julien Legras
  - Fabien Perigaud
  - Florian Guilbert
  - Jean-Christophe Delaunay
  - Guillaume Andre
  - Guillaume Jacques
  - Tristan Pourcelot
  - Nicolas Correia
  - Bruno Pujos
  - Julien Szlamowicz
  - Clément Berthaux
  - Damien Picard
  - Gaetan Ferry
  - Thibault Guittet
  - Luca Moro
  - Thomas Chauchefoin
  - Julien Egloff
  - Corentin Bayet
  - Lucas Arrivé
  - Lena David
  - Vincent Fargues
  - David Berard
  - Jérémie Boutoille
  - Jean-Baptiste Cayrou
  - Quentin Bourgeois, System Administrator
  - Obelline Triboté Ramos
  - Nicolas Biscos
  - Thomas Etrillard
  - Simon Marechal
  - Alexis Danizan
  - Lucas Georges
  - Antoine Chauvin
  - Wilfried Becard
  - Matthieu Barjole
  - Adrien Peter
  - Quentin Meffre
  - Melvil Guillaume
  - Kévin Denis
  - Mehdi Talbi
  - Paul Fariello
  - Rémi Jullian
  - Johan Bonvicini
  - Julien Boutet
  - Samuel Chevet
  - Aymeric Palhière
  - Sylvain Joyeau
  - Maxime Desbrus
  - Xavier Martin
  - Vincent Herbulot
  - Hugo Vincent
  - Florent Saudel
  - Théo Louis-Tisserand
  - Pierre Milioni
  - Antide Petit
  - Romain Huon
  - Julien Clergue
  - Arnaud Van Straaten
  - Quentin Salingue
  - Thomas Bouzerar
  - Alexis Léonard
  - Tiphaine Romand-Latapie
  - Geoffrey Bertoli
  - Clément Amic
  - Paul Barbe
  - Vincent Dehors
  - Maxime Rinaudo
  - Baptiste Camia

Research and innovation

Synacktiv has received the JEI (“Jeune Entreprise Innovante” - Young Innovative Company) accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research for its IT research projects. The main goal of these projects is to develop innovative and efficient tools to help experienced consultants in their search for weaknesses in different IT systems.

The Synacktiv team spends more than 30% of its time looking for and developing innovative solutions to improve the technical quality of its services.

Join us

The search for experts to expand the team is ongoing.

We are looking for pentesters, reversers, developers, a commercial and a system administrator. We also have internship positions (documents in french).

Here is the kind of profile we try to find:

Contact : apply - AT -

Contact us

Société par Actions Simplifiée (simplified join-stock company)
RCS : Paris B 750 913 634
Training center ID: 11755560275
Registered office: 5 boulevard Montmartre 75002 Paris
Office in Toulouse: 11 rue des Abeilles 31000 Toulouse
Office in Rennes: 2 avenue des Pays Bas 35000 Rennes
Office in Lyon: 56 rue Smith 69002 Lyon
Mail: contact - AT -
GPG key: contact_synacktiv.asc
Phone: +33 1 45 79 74 75