Programming languages security


Many, many programming languages are in active use, and many more have been created. What makes them different, especially security wise ? Why can't anyone agree on what the best language is? What are common blunders and good practices when developing software ? This module will help you answer these questions, and give you a glimpse of pure functional programming!


3 days


  • Programming langages typology

    • fundamental differences between programming languages

    • a classification for languages

    • programming languages trends

  • Discussing programming languages

    • a primer on cognitive biases

    • what is the best programming language ?

  • The attacker

    • the attacker mental model

    • a classification of attacker interactions

  • Hurdles

    • most common vulnerabilities and malpractices

    • most vulnerable software features

  • Mitigations

    • a primer on software architecture

    • generic mitigations

  • Safe practices

    • secure software development process

  • Formal methods and related techniques

    • What are formal methods ?

    • What are their pros and cons ?


This course is illustrated by many real life example, and half of it is devoted to lab work.