Advent ctf 2019 overthewire - day2 writeup

The advent ctf organized by overthewire proposed various challenges that would unlock on a daily basis (like an advent calendar). I found day number 2 (made by hpmv) quite challenging and super fun to solve! It involved crypto, network and rev in a blackbox environment.

FIC2020 prequals CTF write-up

We took part to FIC2020's prequals CTF, organized by the French team Hexpresso with a team made of dzeta, laxa, swapgs and us3r777.

We managed to finish second, so here is our writeup!

2019 summer challenge writeup

The 2019 summer challenge is now closed! This was a bit of a departure from the usual hardened binaries, as it showcased a programming model that is not a distant relative of the Turing machine. This article will give a high level overview of the challenge's solution, and some behind-the scenes comments.

2019 summer challenge: Alonzo!

The Synacktiv summer challenge is back!

Grehack 2018 qualification challenge

Detailed write-up of Grehack 2018 qualification challenge.

2018 Summer Challenge Writeup

An old school RE challenge was published on August 07th and has been solved by several people. This blog post provides a detailed solution on how to solve this challenge followed by the winner write-up.

2018 summer challenge: MetroCross

Getting bored at the beach this summer? We have a small & old-school challenge for you!

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