2018 summer challenge: MetroCross

Rédigé par The Team - 15/08/2018 - dans Challenges - Téléchargement
Getting bored at the beach this summer? We have a small & old-school challenge for you!

The objective of the challenge is to find the cheat code added in the game MetroCross on Atari ST. This code must be typed in the main menu of the game. If the correct code is entered and you start a new game, you'll get direct access to its last level!

To validate the challenge, send your solution to hacktheplanet - AT - synacktiv.com.

You'll need the following files to play:

The winner will be the first to send a correct technical description of how to find this "cheat code". He or she will win a Neo Geo Mini. The list of people submitting the correct answer will be published on this blog (except if you request us not to do so, you are also allowed to use a pseudo).

Let's play!

The Synacktiv Team


Orion (The Replicants) was the first to submit the correct solution, good job!

  1. Orion ^ The Replicants - 09/08/2018 01:32 (GMT+2)
  2. Othmane El Massari - 09/08/2018 05:50 (GMT+2)
  3. The Threat ^ ICS - 09/08/2018 08:44 (GMT+2)
  4. Adrien Peter - 09/08/2018 19:59 (GMT+2)
  5. mushroomguy - 10/08/2018 23:00 (GMT+2)
  6. tudurib - 11/08/2018 14:29 (GMT+2)
  7. Nicolas Iooss - 13/08/2018 21:51 (GMT+2)