Code execution in Cisco Secure Client with NAM

17/05/2024 - Téléchargement


Cisco Secure Client with NAM



Fixed Version(s)


Affected Version(s)

< 5.1.62

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Julien Egloff

Kevin Tellier



Secure Client harnesses the powerful industry-leading AnyConnect VPN/ZTNA and helps IT and security professionals manage dynamic and scalable endpoint security agents in a unified view.


When Cisco Secure Client is using NAM (Network Access Manager) and Windows Wi-Fi contextual menus are replaced by those of Cisco, an attacker with physical access can execute commands as SYSTEM on the affected machine.


Date Description
2024.03.25 Advisory sent to Cisco
2024.03.25 Case opened by Cisco
2024.04.01 Cisco confirms the bug
2024.04.30 Cisco states that release 5.1.62 fixes the vulnerability
2024.05.15 Cisco releases its advisory
2024.05.17 Public release


Technical details

Code execution as SYSTEM



When a laptop has the Cisco Secure Client installed with the NAM module and Windows Wi-Fi context menu is replaced by those of Cisco, then when accessing a locked laptop, a Cisco window can be opened from the logon screen.

Logon UI WiFi icon

When clicking this button, Cisco Secure Client context menu opens:

Cisco context menu opening

Then, a Wi-Fi network can be added:

Adding network WiFi

A menu with configuration options is opened:

Adding new network options.

An option allows specifying a script to be executed when establishing the newly configured connection. The icon to choose this script opens an explorer:

Explorer with SYSTEM rights

Upon choosing cmd.exe, a command prompt is run under the SYSTEM account.

Command prompt running under SYSTEM authority.


This behavior allows running any command under the NT Authority/System account which has the highest privileges. This allows compromising the underlying machine and accessing any data it contains.