A centralized platform for password cracking.

While highly configurable and extensible, Kraqozorus is also very accessible to non technically minded users thanks to its very intuitive web user interface.

The unique concept of "cracking strategies" simplifies and accelerates the password recovery process.

Those strategies allow the chaining of complex attacks in the same way an expert would, but in a wholly automated fashion. Kraqozorus makes the best use of all CPU and GPU cores available and distributes the workload efficiently based on jobs' and users' priorities.

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Its intelligence and optimisations allow it to crack hashes very quickly and efficiently.


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Shared computation

  • Dedicated hardware configurations with multiple GPU & CPU.
  • Efficient workload distribution.
  • Task management allows to easily prioritize the cluster's efforts.

No performance limitations

  • Up to 128 CPU and 10 GPU per server.
  • Transparent horizontal scaling.
  • Cluster architecture allows to connect any number of computing servers.


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Multi user and information sharing

  • User friendly interface accessible to non-technical users (drag & crack!).
  • Mandatory access control lists to protect user's data.
  • Email and IRC notifications. Easily extendable to other communication protocols.

Security and privacy

  • User groups for isolation, resource sharing, job priorities and usage quotas.
  • API that can be leveraged to automatize workflows.


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Cracking Strategies

  • Unique and original concept built on Synacktiv's experience.
  • Adapted attack scenarios both increase password candidates coverage while keeping minimal attacks' duration.
  • Includes a password recycling mecanism to detect base-word reuses and target complex passwords.

Machine Learning

  • Automatic strategy generation adapted to cluster's performances and hash formats.
  • The system learns from previous tasks' results to optimize those that come after.
  • Pertinent mask attack suggestions based on user preferences.

State of the art technology

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Maximum attack surface

  • Includes standard dictionary, mask, combinatorial and hybrid attacks.
  • 19 different attack modes for both hashcat & john.
  • The system comes with 116 pre-configured hash formats (NTLM, WPA, 7zip, kdbx, JWT...) and more can easily be added or personalized.
  • Generation of pertinent statistics and graphics for audit reports.


  • Built-in API to streamline workflows.
  • Notification plugins to integrate in other established solutions.
  • Compatible with many authentication schemes
    • login / password
    • SSO
    • TLS client certificates

Use cases

Speed-up penetration testing

    Allows pentesters to spend their time on higher value added tasks.

Passwords audits

    Automates, improves or complements password security policy audits.

Data recovery

    Recover encrypted files' contents when passwords are forgotten or lost.

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