Incident response

Incident response
Compromise assessment
Attack verification

Our incident response service helps you diagnose any malicious activity. Our team is composed of experts dedicated diagnosing suspicious behavior or real attackers : we help you to support your IT department for a better understanding of the attack. The goal of such offer is to understand in-depth how the attacker acts and measure the business impact of the cyber-attack for your service. A remediation plan is specially designed so that the same attack cannot be successful again and tackle the attacker.

Type of security incident:

  • widespread attack with basic or advanced TTP (apt, ransomware, malicious internal activity, ...)
  • unauthorized access to cloud service : Office 365, Google Workspace, ...
  • compromise assessment of a suspicious workstation or a server (phishing, AD assessment, etc.)
  • smartphone compromise assessment
Réponse aux incidents


OSS tools (for commercial purpose), home-made tools (leakozorus) and renowned commercial tools/hardware (ex: tableau, etc.)