Security audit

Synacktiv offers you the opportunity to evaluate your maturity level in cybersecurity by performing in-depth audits of the critical elements within your infrastructure or applications

Because they require a great knowledge and mastery of different technologies, technical security audits are often overlooked by companies in favor of penetration tests. At Synacktiv, we believe that securing an asset also involves understanding the way it works precisely.


  • Audit of an operator's core network (configuration analysis of the firewalls, routers, switches, etc.)
  • Audit of a connected CCTV system (physical security of the hardware, stream protection, robustness of the authentication interfaces, etc.)
  • Audit of a network diode solution (hardware and software configuration, segmentation between network interfaces, etc.)
Audit de sécurité


O-ditor (internal exploitation and analysis tool), Disconet, Kraqozorus,
regexp, scripting, database, elbow grease