Password cracking centralized platform


  • Retrieve passwords provided their hashes even for strong passwords
  • Speed up penetration tests, especially in Red Team mode
  • Audit the complexity of users' passwords


Centralized Management - Network Distribution of Tasks (GPGPU)
Unified handling of several cracking programs
Creation of optimized strategies (rules/dictionaries)


Computational Power

Up to 8 GPUs per machine

99% of hashes from public leaks broken

Over 70 billion passwords tested per second (Windows hashing algorithm)


Support for more than 90 hash formats

Possibility to extend with specific or proprietary formats


Scheduling of the dictionaries

Splitting of the computing load

Numerous dictionaries

Automatic addition of previously broken passwords

Adding dictionaries from public leaks

More than 100 GB of dictionaries

API to interact with other tools

System administration and internal network access secured using SSH


Web interface for tasks handling, monitoring and administration

Email and IRC notifications

Customer Experience

Without Kraqozorus

Long, tedious manual cracking, delaying the intrusion

With Kraqozorus

Automation of the calculation chain, more power and less time-consuming for the operator. More results and earlier intrusion.