Penetration tests


A penetration test allows us to establish an IT system security level by carrying out actual attacks. Penetration techniques used are identical to those used by malicious and experienced hackers. The penetration is usually performed with a minimal amount of information on the chosen targets.

The advantages of penetration tests:

Penetration tests can be carried on different scopes:

Security audits


A security audit allows us to validate the security of an IT system by a systematic review of its implementation and configuration. The audit is carried out using a “white-box” approach where all the needed information is analysed to detect possible weaknesses. In addition, we can carry out a penetration test to validate the presence and the impact of weaknesses.

The advantages of a security audit:

The choice of perimeter depends on the budget and on the degree of coverage requested. Several types of audits exists:

Advisory, Consulting, Research and Development

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