2019 summer challenge: Alonzo!

Written by The Team - 18/06/2019 - in Challenges - Download
The Synacktiv summer challenge is back!

The Synacktiv summer challenge is back!

Edit: we had an issue with the binary prior to 2019-06-19 09:15, please download it again.

Dana has just finished a nice brain teaser for his friend Alonzo. It is a Linux executable that accepts a single argument, and displays a string. Can you craft an input that makes the program print Alonzo!?

Once you have found a valid input, validate the challenge by sending your solution to hacktheplanet@synacktiv.com.

Contestants will be ranked by time of submission. The prizes are:

  1. The winner gets a ChipWhisperer Lite 32-bit Basic Board
  2. The second to answer gets a HummingBoard Edge
  3. And finally, the third wins a Diva IOT board

Happy reversing!

The Synacktiv Team

P.S.: Of course, it might be possible to exploit a bug in the validation logic and take a shortcut here. Even though they will not qualify for a prize, do not hesitate sending us these solutions!