Pwn2Own Austin 2021 : Defeating the Netgear R6700v3

Twice a year ZDI organizes a competition where the goal is to hack hardware and software. During November 2021, in Austin, hackers tried to exploit hardware devices such as printers, routers, phones, home automation devices, NAS and more. This blogpost describes how we successfully took over a Netgear router from the WAN interface.

Finding gadgets like it's 2022

So you have found an application vulnerable to Log4Shell, but the bypass gadgets are not working, and you did not manage to use a gadget from Ysoserial? If you read our last articles on finding Java gadgets you might have found a new one with gadget inspector. But what if gadget inspector did not find a valid chain? You might stop and be desperate because, as we saw, manual gadget research is not an easy task! In this article we will present a new methodology and multiple CodeQL queries to find gadget chains in Java a...

Heap tricks never get old - Insomni'hack teaser 2022

The Synacktiv team participated in the Insomni'hack teaser 2022 last week-end and placed 9th out of 280 teams. The onetestament challenge was pretty interesting and taught me a few tricks so I have decided to write a detailed solution. In this writeup, I have tried to illustrate the thought process behind solving this challenge, rather than just the usual (which you can still find at the end of the article). Expect to see some (old) heap tricks and enjoy the read!


During a ransomware incident, CSIRT Synacktiv noticed that the bitlocker mechanism was used to encrypt company and user files. This blogpost does not intend to retrace the whole incident response process. The idea is to illustrate how we managed (or not) to recover encryption keys and save a few workstations from their terrible fate. The incident took place few months ago.

Yet another BEC investigation on M365

Several materials already describe this type of attack, this document is an operational feedback from the CSIRT Synacktiv on several BEC incidents based on Microsoft 365 service. This is the part one of this publication.

How to exploit CVE-2021-40539 on ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

During a penetration test we encountered the ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus (ADSS) solution. ADSS offers multiple functionalities such as managing password policies for administrators or self password reset/account unlock for Active Directory users. We decided to dig into this solution. However, our research barely started that a wild exploitation on this solution was announced. In this article we will explore the details of several vulnerabilities that allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the ...

Finding gadgets like it's 2015: part 2

We found a new Java gadget chain in the Mojarra library, one of the most used implementation of the JSF specification. It uses a known entry point to start the chain and ends with arbitrary code execution through Java's Expression Language. It was tested on version 2.3 and 3.0 of the Eclipse implementation of the JSF specification.

Car hijacking swapping a single bit

Used to interact with various ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in a car, the UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services) service is widely deployed by car constructors. This generic high level protocol is used to extract ECUs state, configure them or even update their firmware. When the implementation lacks cryptography support inside an ECU, the security level can decrease dramatically. This short blog post presents an hardware attack leveraging all diagnostic functions to an unauthorized tester.