Pcapan: a PCAP analysis helper

This post showcases a small but very useful tool that can be used to classify expected and suspicious traffic in a network capture file, and, more importantly, what the process is for writing such a tool.

Captain Hook - How (not) to look for vulnerabilities in Java applications

During my 6-months intership, I developed a tool to ease vunerability research on Java applications. I used several software and libraries, and faced a number of issues throughout the development of this tool, Captain Hook. This article describes Captain Hook's development process from the beginning along with its challenges.

Writing a (toy) symbolic interpreter, and solving challenges, part 1

Writing a symbolic interpreter, and wiring it to a solver in order to solve reverse engineering challenges (or other uses), might seem like a daunting task. Even simply using an existing symbolic interpretation framework is far from easy when one has no experience in it. This serie of articles will describe, throughout the summer, how such an engine is built, and showcase implementation tricks and some trade offs to be aware off. Do not worry, the interpreter will be kept as simple as possible though! In the end, we...